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We are a distributed product development team empowering startups and established businesses with deep market knowledge and the latest real estate product solutions.

State of the Market

Outstanding real estate projects are easy to use, but hard to build.
The key to success is people who have both deep knowledge of technology and real estate products.
Zillow - Top Ranking Real Estate Website according to Similarweb.

Access to MLS Listings

More than 600 MLSs

In the USA, there are more than 600 MLSs. If you want to display some real estate listings on your website, you have to deal with each MLS separately. Handling all of this data on your own can be a nightmare.

IDX 3d party providers

There are many companies, providing IDX aggregated access to different MLSs. They are a perfect fit for small projects with Wordpress websites. However, when your business grows, you need more flexibility and control over your listings feed. In this case, you have to set up your own IDX server.

Own IDX Engine

Custom-tailored listings feed

Our CloudCondo Engine allows us to combine multiple MLSs and create a unified custom listing feed. We spent many hours digging through MLSs so that you don’t have to. No more pain in interacting with MLSs.

Direct connection to MLSs

We work only with RETS and WebAPI protocols which provide direct connections to any MLS. You gain full control and flexibility over the data without intermediaries.

GIS Application

Property as a location object

Despite all common property features, there is also a coordinate attribute. This allows us to work with all properties as points on the map and easily find out which properties are in which areas.

No more address typos

Real estate information is user-generated, so often typos and wrong values appear in property parameters. However, property coordinates are very accurate attributes so we can perform location searches even if display addresses have errors.

Open Data

New opportunities

Governments and other organizations are becoming more open and beginning to share a lot of information. This creates new opportunities and reduces the cost of building many features that were not previously feasible.

Government data

USA Government Open Data portal is the largest source of open information. You can find location boundaries, census data, crime stats and more through the site.

Technologies we use

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Our core development team is based in Moscow, Russia. Other members are distributed across the 3 largest continents: North America, Europe, Asia.

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